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Why reflexology, you ask ?

Well I think most people wish they hadn't asked !!! Not unless they have a comfy chair, and a cup or glass of something ! (so go get yourself something)

Now I can talk, not one of my friends can deny this, and when you ask me about my passion, then I'm off......but seriously, I love reflexology and its benefits.

I trained back in 2001,after a losing my mum to cancer, it was a much needed restart to my life, getting away from the toxic city and doing something for myself.

It was hard to get any kind of business out of it, reflexology wasn't well known, it was very much "one of those therapies", the kind that only the earthy tree hugger people are into, you know, the ones that wear tie dye, are covered in crystals and go around the 'alternative health fairs'!

It was that distant time before FB and Instagram, when you had to print loads of leaflets and then deliver the bloomin' things !!

So I struggled to get myself heard, apart from a few that took a chance, and became regulars. Even with the support of my husband, I had to then get another job, and do reflexology in the evenings, then baby number one came along (I only have two that sounded like I was going to have four or five) but I have to say I gave up !

But I always used it in my family life, through pregnancy, on my kids, on myself, it never went away, it was always at the back of my mind that it was what I really wanted to do. I kept all my books, certificates and my chair.

Fast forward to 2018 and my kids are older, I'm not needed at home as much (sad and happy emotions there !)

I want to do something for myself, the family members all said why don't you use the skills you have, get back out there !! Im so grateful for the nudge !

I bought a chair (the old one had been in the shed years and was minging) a few towels, some creams etc. (you don't need much), dragged in a few friends, well I say dragged, it was a free treatment, they skipped into my house.

I started to do my case studies again, to get up to speed. Its like riding a bike, you never forget, you don't lose your touch, just your confidence.

In fact friend number 1 of 5 ( I won't name her, she'll just get big headed) said to me on her second treatment that I felt so much more confident, that was it, I'm back !!!!

I did a couple of courses to hone my skills then nothing was holding me back !

Reflexology is the treatment that just keeps giving, I love that every client I meet is so different and that I can change their treatment to reflect their needs, so every treatment for every person is different every time. Some people I meet just want an hours relaxation, a bit of pampering and me time.(Definitely nothing wrong with that !)

I have clients with certain problems, like joint problems, and we use the reflexology to reduce the inflammation, making life the little bit easier.

I see people who have sinus problems, and sometimes by the time I've finished their session they are already feeling the benefits.

I watch pregnant ladies melt into my chair, and get the relief they and baby need.

I love that some clients are almost asleep as soon as I've finished putting on the waxes. Some find that actually they prefer to have a chat, that's all ok too.(I like a chat, remember).

There is no wrong or right way to have Reflexology.

I love that I have clients message me, sometimes before ive got home to tell me how its made them feel. It makes me smile a lot, when they say they've slept better than they have slept for ages, the power of reflexology, rebalancing the body and allowing complete relaxation.

Also my clients know I like a tummy rumble - if you rumble in a session its a good thing, your body is completely relaxed, I'm always listening for a rumble !!

So why not reflexology should be the question now ?

Its definitely moved on with the times, it still adheres to the old teaching and its basics, and that will never change and nor should it, it is what makes it a powerful treatment, but it is no longer poo pooed (in my opinion), its not just for the weirdos and the tree huggers,(although they still are on board) its for babies, kids, teens, fertility, pregnancy, everyday aches, stresses, anxiety, elderly, it all encompassing, makes everyone feel good, and dare I say it with out sounding like a tree hugging hippy, it unblocks the energy and allows your body to heal (man!) Now I'm almost on dad jokes....

I hear people talking to their friends etc about how they are feeling, or how a relative is, and sometimes I just want to say, "they sound like they need some reflexology"! Everyone does in my opinion.

I love it, it's my passion....

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